Gluten Free Quick Ramen Soup


015 - CopyThe snack sections or meals on the go of most “health books” contain nut, legume, and cheese concoctions which can produce allergenic reactions in susceptible individuals (especially those whose immune systems have been compromised). Nuts and cheese are not a good daily source of nutrition. Nuts and legumes contain omega’s in the form of ALA’s, the precursors for omega 3 and 6 fats. Contrary to what we have been led to believe, most of us cannot convert ALA’s into available omegas our bodies can use.

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The whole snack idea has in part led to our obesity problem. If eating nutritious well balanced meals, no snacks are needed.  However, snacks are needed if your system is burning carbohydrates converted to sugars for energy instead of fat. Animal protein based meals are filling and satiate hunger, so you don’t need to eat between meals. Initially, I was skeptical of eating seaweed noodles. They look nothing like seaweed and seemed so processed, so I wondered how good they could be. Was I surprised once I started using them in my recipes! These noodles are easy to digest, versatile, with a great texture, and absorb flavors well. They are a rich source of trace minerals including iodine, and while not particularly high in fiber, they are gluten free and soothing to the stomach.

My quick noodle soup is a savory alternative to ramen soup and just as easy. I was surprised how full I became. This is a one pot recipe that is fast, satiating, and offers superior nutrition for pennies on the dollar. It is just as good with a few simple ingredients or if you have the time, add more veggies and spices. At the end, I offer optional ingredients. This is a great recipe made the night before and warmed for lunch the next day.

Quick Ramen Soup

2 servings


1/3 pkg. kelp noodles – cut to a desired length (divide a pound package into thirds)

2 cups broth – homemade or organic pasture raised beef or chicken broth. Make sure the broth you buy doesn’t contain soy products and is gluten free. The Imagine Free Range Chicken Broth has a good flavor and is available as low sodium, gluten free, and organic. Freeze whatever broth you don’t use, or double the recipe to equal 4 servings.

3 scallions minced

1 small carrot grated or 1/2 cup thinly sliced red-pepper

Dash of Himalayan sea salt

Dash of garlic powder or one small clove garlic minced


Place all ingredients into a pan and bring to a high simmer. Once simmering, cook for ten minutes stirring often.

That’s it! I made the soup in the picture with my broth made from beef shank bones, so there was plenty of beef in it already, but it’s just as good with broth alone.


Chicken breast sliced into 1/4 inch by 1 inch slices and drop into the broth raw. Should be cooked along with the other ingredients, and again, about 10 minutes on simmer.

Tri-tip sliced and dropped in for the last 2 minutes.

Ginger freshly grated

1/2 cup thinly sliced red-pepper

Snow peas

Baby kale sliced into ribbons added the last minute

Fresh cilantro added the last minute

Red chili flakes

Lime or lemon juice

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