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Jacqueline PeppardWe are entering a new era of nutritional philosophy and rethinking what constitutes healthy diet and eating patterns. It is possible to live a long life filled with energy for each day that is disease, medication, and pain-free. Yes, we will grow older, and we will slow down, but we need not be wracked with pain from arthritis, plagued with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or die early from cancer. Yes, our bodies are governed by the law of atrophy, but how soon we progress to our end and in what condition, is a choice we make everyday by what we put in our mouths. Food is the building block and is the number one determinate regarding the condition of our health. Food controls not only our physical health but our emotional and mental health as well. While each of us has constitutional differences formed by environmental factors, no one need eat sugar or grains of any kind to obtain the nutrients our bodies require. Scientists have confirmed that all of us share the hunter-gather genetic, biological, and physiological makeup formed 40,000 years ago, and little has changed in that span of time.

The path to health is not strewn with sugar and grain products of any kind. We have been brainwashed by well meaning people and the corporate agribusinesses to believe bread is the staff of life. However, it is the staff with which to beat your body into deterioration whether be it physical, emotional, or mental ailments. People all over the world have an addictive relationship with food. We obsess over sugar and grain products, and in the United States, eat inordinate amounts of food in relation to the calories we expend. Not only does sugar and grain ingestion increase disease of all kinds, but it kills healthy bacteria in our stomachs which decreases our ability to fight off viral and bacterial diseases.

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Peppard. This website features low carbohydrate, paleo friendly, low glycemic index, and predominately gluten free recipes and cooking information. Also provided here are other food, nutrition, and health related information to aid you in the journey. My knowledge has sprung from my observations of what has worked for me and others. Throughout the years, I have read volumes of literature regarding health and nutrition with an inquisitive but skeptical eye. My beliefs with regard to achieving optimum health are the result of years of practical experience and experimentation. My fascination with diet and its correlating mind and body connection began early at 11 years old when my grandmother introduced me to Prevention Magazine. I have tried many different dietary theories, from Macrobiotics, Vegetarianism, Low and Fat-Free, Fruitarian, Pritikan, Atkins, and Paleo diets with varying success.

What is a balanced diet? I remember learning about the USDA’s food pyramid components while earning a Girl Scout badge, and it had subconsciously guided my past food choices, until now. In my opinion, the low carbohydrate diets offer the best guidance and their unifying theme is the elimination of all sugar and grain from one’s diet. The Atkins Diet wrongly encouraged the use of artificial sweeteners and bad fats, but Dr. Atkins was on the right track. He realized in the 70’s, as others before him dating back to the turn of the century, that our bodies had not yet evolved sufficiently to tolerate grains. This makes sense in light of the facts – humans have been evolving for 2.5 million years, and the Agricultural Revolution only began 10,000 years ago. Most scientific thought agrees that it takes anywhere from 40,000 years to 100,000 years for our bodies to genetically mutate. That means that our bodies need another 30,000 years at least to adapt to the agricultural revolution! I am not willing to sacrifice my health in the meantime. He also refuted the U.S. Department of Agriculture’ s food pyramid when he said “I believe that the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid’s recommendations have directly contributed to the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes we now face in the United States.”

The Paleo Diet is a modified Atkins with an emphasis on good fats obtained by eating organically grown, pasture raised, and grass fed animal products, and eliminates the dairy products allowed by the Atkins diet. The Atkins Diet opened my mind to an alternative way of eating, and provided a natural progression into the Paleo. The two diets combined led me out of a downward progressive spiral into ill health. Soon, I began adapting my favorite recipes so as to achieve long term faithfulness to a low carbohydrate, sugar and gluten free diet. My recipes are the result of my cooking experiments.

The fact is that as we age, our organs can’t keep up with processing high carbohydrate diets and the constant presence of sugar. Some of us experience the adrenal burn out earlier than others, and it all depends on genes and our individual nutrition over the years.

While eating vegetarian and macrobiotic diets, I truly thought they were the correct way to eat, and ate the predominately grain based diets for most of my life. I thought I was eating healthy, and by the current standards, I was. While putting on weight, I thought that I must be eating too much meat, and not getting enough fiber, that I must consume even more brown rice and beans. Meat became virtually absent from my diet, and I added more and more whole grains and legumes to my diet, and upped my consumption of fresh fruit juices and smoothies. To my dismay, I kept putting on weight, I began losing my energy, my muscles were becoming weaker in spite of regular exercise and weight lifting, I developed inflammation throughout my body, and I could not enjoy the sports I once did without developing injuries. Once I started the low carbohydrate diets, the weight started melting away and my health problems were gone. What a simple concept. By eliminating grains, legumes, and sweeteners from my diet, adding meat daily, and limiting my vegetables and fruits to ones low on the glycemic index, my restoration to health was miraculous. Now I eat what is best described as a modified Beyond Paleo diet – but still low carbohydrate based.

I am always sad to hear of the various health problems individuals suffer from, and their inability to restore their bodies to health without drugs. The world is flooded daily with conflicting information from the web, TV, periodicals, and books. What is one to believe? There is a wealth of misinformation disseminated by corporate financial interests to perpetuate their sugar and bad fat laden, genetically modified “Franken-foods” as described by Dr. William Davis in his book Wheat Belly.

This blog grew out of my desire to relieve suffering, educate and inspire. It is my hope the information provided here and my recipes will assist you in your journey to achieving vibrant health. It is never too late to start healthy eating and living patterns, but if adopted early, will prevent irreversible premature damage to your body as you age. A healthy mind and body is the greatest gift – with good health you are given the opportunity to achieve happiness and the ability to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Don’t be shy, say hello. Feel free to contact me, it’s always nice to talk to a real person. I like hearing from you and do my best to respond to your emails or comments on blog posts ASAP. Email: postmaster@newerahealthyeating.com


The recipes and information provided in this website are for educational purposes and not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for your particular illnesses. If you are pregnant, taking medications to control blood sugar or blood pressure, or suffering any serious illness such as cancer or kidney disease, any changes to your diet or supplement additions must be done in conjunction with your doctor’s supervision. Low-carbohydrate diets will change your body and thus the medication you need or no longer need.

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